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11891RE: [Covenanted Reformation] Sproul VS Covenant

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  • J. Parnell McCarter
    Dec 30, 2004
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      "Q.31 With whom was the Covenant of Grace made?

      "A. The Covenant of Grace was made with Christ as the second Adam,
      and in him with all the elect as his seed."

      In the new and better covenant, God the Father made an agreement with
      God the Son, Jesus Christ. Acting as the Mediator, as the
      Representative and Substitute for his people, the elect, Jesus Christ
      fulfilled all the conditions of the Covenant of Works that Adam had
      failed to fulfill. Jesus procured all the blessings of salvation for
      his people, and that salvation he gives to them all as a free gift.

      Q. 166. Unto whom is baptism to be administered?

      A. Baptism is not to be administered to any that are out of the visible
      church, and so strangers from the covenant of promise, till they profess
      their faith in Christ, and obedience to him,[1066] but infants descending
      from parents, either both, or but one of them, professing faith in Christ,
      and obedience to him, are in that respect within the covenant, and to be

      We must distinguish the Covenant of Grace in its spiritual essence (see q
      31) and its visible administration (see q 166). With respect to its
      spiritual essence, the Covenant of Grace is with the elect alone, and
      unconditional. But with respect to its visible administration (as
      exemplified in water baptism), the Covenant of Grace is with the visible
      church, and conditional. The conditions are true faith and repentance, for
      not all of the visible church will be saved, but only those with true faith
      and repentance. Of course, only the elect will have true faith and
      repentance, for they alone did Christ atone for and the Spirit regenerate,
      God working faith and repentance in them.

      Of course, there are many like Schilder, Schlissel, etc. who have denied
      that the Covenant of Grace in its spiritual essence is with the elect alone.
      Such are great errorists, who undermine the doctrines of grace.

      On the other hand, we must beware the error of those who deny the Covenant
      of Grace in its visible administration is conditional, as if what we believe
      and how we live has no relation to our salvation. This tends toward

      - Parnell McCarter
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