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11630Re: [Covenanted Reformation] True Lutheran (the Dr. on the conversion of Paul)

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  • Theodore Letis
    Oct 31, 2004
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      Many thanks for posting what you did just before Reformation Sunday. I totally agree with what you wrote here:

      Ligonier Ministry's Table Talk Opposes the Prophetic Views of the One Who is Their Publication's Namesake

                  Here we seen more clear evidence of the hypocrisy of R. C. Sproul's so-called 'Reformed' ministry. They purposely suppress knowledge of Luther's Historicist view which unflinchingly teaches the Papacy is the Antichrist and his church, Mystery Babylon. Nor do they believe Luther and the innumerable witnesses through the Church ages, including the millions of those martyred, who agree with Luther's prophetic wisdom. Sproul's New Geneva Study Bible also intentionally covers-up the views of the very Genevan Reformers it claims to represent.[17] These facts are overriding proof of the intentional cover-up of Church history, suppression of the testimony of the saints and martyrs, willful unbelief and apostasy in this end times professing Christian Church.

      Thank you for saying this. I absolutely agree with you. Both Sproul, his Preterism, and the Entire Reconstructionist Movement also, which also denies the very Calvin they claim to be following on this issue of the Antichrist, are paving the road back to Rome. I thought I was the only one saying this, but I see others have also been shown the truth.

      I am to give a power-point presentation this day at a PCA church that thinks Sproul a "prophet," on the healing of the deadly wound of the Antichrist which is taking please even as I type in Europe, and soon here...

      Theodore P. Letis

      Keith Dotzler <keipen@...> wrote:



      Martin Luther Testifies to the Papal Abomination of

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