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  • Keith Dotzler
    Oct 30, 2004



      Martin Luther Testifies to the Papal Abomination of Desolation

                  "But why doth the Pope name himself an Earthly God, as though the true only, and Almighty God in Heaven were not also a God on Earth. Truly the Pope's Kingdome is a horrible wrath of God, an abomination of desolation which standeth in the Holy place, as Christ speaking directly of it saith, Who so readeth let him understand. Mat. 24." [8]

                  "Whatever other signs may appear before Christ’s coming, I know that, according to the words of Christ, these will be present: surfeiting and drunkenness, building and planting, buying and selling, marrying and giving in marriage, and other cares of this life. Just as certain to me is also the saying of Christ in Matthew 24:15, where he speaks of the abomination of desolation, the Antichrist, under whose rule gross error, blindness, and sin shall flourish, just as they now flourish under the Pope in the most tyrannical and shameless form. This above all else compels me to believe that Christ will soon come to judgment; for such sins cry to heaven, and so provoke and defy the last day that it must soon break in upon them." [9]

                  "[A]t the end of the world will a spiritual war come over the ungodly, who will be in the same condition as the Jews. Thus they will agree with one another: as that calamity came upon Jerusalem according to God’s ordering and everything was ground to powder; so abominable, and even worse, shall it be before the last day, when he shall come and make an end of the whole world. For when Christ ascended into heaven, he established his kingdom not only in Judea, but extended it into all the world by means of the Gospel, which is being preached and heard everywhere. But we [i.e., professing Christians] are doing just like the Jews, we deny and persecute the Word of God, kill the Christians who confess and preach this Gospel, as at the first the Romans, and afterwards to the present day, the Pope, bishops, princes, monks and priests do. This has now been done, for more than five hundred years, and no one was allowed to preach the Word of God, unless they repeated from the pulpit the text of the Gospel for a mere show, and afterwards brought out of it or put into it the mere doctrines of men. If anyone opposed it, they rose against him with fire and sword and suppressed it. And it avails nothing, how they are warned and frightened by words and signs; they still stand in their pride, storm and rage against it as lunatics, so that God will ever have sufficient reason to destroy them finally and eternally at the last day.

      "Therefore this passage in Daniel concerning the abomination applies also to us. For we also have indeed a real abomination or desolation sitting in a holy place, namely: in Christendom and in the consciences of men, where God alone should sit and reign, of which Daniel speaks in very clear words in the 8th and 9th chapters. For this is the real pure doctrine, if we preach that we are redeemed by Christ from sin, death, satan and all misfortune, and are planted in the kingdom of God through the Word and faith and thereby are made free from all law, and that no man, whoever he be, can enter into the kingdom of God through the works of the law nor be made free from sin. Where this is preached and believed, there Christ reigns spiritually in the heart without a medium; there is the Holy Spirit  with all the treasures and fullness of the riches of God.

      "But what is the Pope doing? He is sitting not in the natural temple or God’s house, but in the spiritual, in the new and living temple of which Paul says: “If any man destroyeth the temple of God, him shall God destroy; for the temple of God is holy, which temple ye are,” 1 Corinthians 3:16-17. In all times many devils and heretics have tried to sit here, and all who are preaching against the true doctrine: If you want to be saved, then simply join this or that society and order, and do this or that work. They draw away the people from faith to works, although they are using the words, Christ is the Lord, but in truth deny him, for they do not say a single word that he forgives sins alone through grace, and redeems from death and hell, but they say: Through this order, through these works, we must do penance for sin, and atone for it in order to obtain grace, which is as much as to say: Christ did not accomplish it, he is not the Savior; his suffering and death cannot help, for if your works can accomplish it, then Christ cannot accomplish it only through his blood and death, or the other must be in vain. If you insist upon your works, then you drive out Christ; you deny and put to shame his precious blood and him with it; then he cannot reign in your heart through his Word, work and spirit, but my work is my idol whom I let sit in my heart and reign.

      "Thus you see whether the Pope is not the greatest arch-abomination of all abominations, to whom Christ and Daniel refer; and the true Antichrist, of whom it is written that he sitteth in the temple of God, among the people, where Christ is named and where his kingdom, spirit, baptism, Word and faith should be: because he interferes with the office and kingdom of Christ by his fanaticism of the spiritual rites of Christ, wants to rule over the consciences and govern with his propositions and works. And he can in truth be called an “abomination of desolation,” who is only destroying and laying waste everything, for as has been said: Christ and my works cannot abide together; if the one stands, the other must go down and be destroyed; wherefore the Pope has made desolate the kingdom of Christ, as far as his diocese reaches, and all who join him have denied Christ."



      Continuing his sermon, Luther refutes Papist Preterism

      "St. Paul prophesied all this, when in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4, he calls him: “The man of sin and the son of perdition, he that opposeth and exalteth himself against all that is called God or that is worshipped; so that he sitteth in the temple of God, setting himself forth as God.” But that the Papists want to turn this passage from themselves and say, 'Christ and Paul are speaking of the temple of Jerusalem, that Antichrist shall sit and rule there,' amounts to nothing. For Christ says here, that Jerusalem together with the temple shall have an end, and after its destruction it shall never be rebuilt. Therefore since Paul is pointing to the time after the Jewish kingdom, and the destruction of the material temple, it cannot be understood otherwise than of the new spiritual temple, which as he says himself, we are. There, Paul says, the Pope shall sit and be honored, not above God, but above everything that is called God, for the name of God does indeed remain the highest honor, therefore he cannot exalt himself above the true God, but above that which is called God and is worshipped; that is, he is exalted against his preaching and honor, higher than the true God, as is apparent in that so many princes and the world are clinging to him and regard his command higher and greater than the command of God. If any man eats meat contrary to his command or goes out of the impure calling of the priest, monk, or nun, into married life, as God has commanded, or according to the institution of Christ takes the sacrament in both forms; that is the greatest sin. They regard much less stealing, adultery and all open vice against the command of God, and no one is even allowed to punish them for it. Yea, that they themselves defame the Word of God, persecute and kill the Christians,  they esteem as the highest service of God, as it is also the highest service they can do for their god, the Pope. Is not this exalting and honoring Antichrist against God, so that if anyone speaks or does anything against this, if he gets into their hands, he must immediately die? I think now that enough has been pictured forth and explained concerning this abomination."

      Luther's Sermon Warns the People to Flee the Pope

      "Now it is high time for him to run and flee, who is able to flee; let everything he has behind and depart; the sooner the better; not with his feet but with his heart, in such a way that he will be rid of the abomination and enter the kingdom of Christ through faith. But to do this reason and a keen insight are needed rightly to discern the abomination. It cannot be seen in any way better than when we compare it to Christ who teaches, as stated above, that we are reconciled to God, and are saved through his blood. But the Pope ascribes this power to our works. Thus you ever see that to be saved through works and not to be saved through works (to believe on Christ as our justification before God) are contrary to each other. If you then want to remain with Christ, you must flee from the Pope and let him go.

      "This is now the abomination of desolation that has reigned until our time; but is now revealed through the grace of God, but will never be destroyed by emperor or worldly power. It must all be higher than that material destruction, since that was such a great tribulation, that there never can be a greater physically. Therefore did God reserve the destruction of this abomination for himself, as Paul says in 2 Thessalonians 2:8: “Whom the Lord Jesus shall slay with the breath of his mouth, and bring to naught by the manifestation of his coming.” Although they themselves fear evil from worldly power and insurrection, yet this shall not be so well with them. For they are not worthy of such mild punishment, and God will not grant unto them that they be destroyed through man, but will do it himself without means, through his Word. Inasmuch as it has now made a beginning and the kingdom is destroyed even to the extent that it avails nothing, nor can take captive the conscience of those who know the Gospel. However hostile the Pope rages against the Gospel; he must nevertheless fall at the feet of princes and seek help from them. Hence his power is weakened and broken by means of the Gospel; but his final destruction is reserved unto the last day. Therefore it must continue in part until Christ at his coming shall destroy and grind to powder all together from heaven.

      "But as at that time among the Jews, the days were shortened, as Christ said, so must now also the days be shortened for the elect’s sake; for we see that the government of the Pope has had opposition and has declined during the last hundred years, without, at the Council of Constance where Huss was burned at the stake, having frightened everybody that he was held as God; but the truth came finally to light, so that now it is very much despised and can endure but a little longer; hence we notice, as I said before, that our text refers not only to the Jews but also to our abomination, the Pope’s kingdom."[10]




      Luther's TABLE TALK: OF ANTICHRIST [12]

      "Daniel was an exceeding high and excellent prophet, whom Christ loved, and touching whom he said: Whoso readeth, let him understand. He spoke of that Antichrist persecutor as clearly as if he had been an eye-witness thereof. Read the 11th chapter throughout. It applies to the time when the emperor Caligula and other tyrants ruled; it distinctly says: ‘He shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas, in the glorious holy mountain’; that is, at Rome, in Italy…..Therefore Daniel points directly at the pope………….Seeing the pope is Antichrist, I believe him to be a devil incarnate. Like as Christ is true and natural God and man, so is Antichrist a living devil. It is true, too, what they say of the pope, that he is a terrestrial god, — for he is neither a real god nor a real man, but of the two natures mingled together. He names himself an earthly god, as though the only true and Almighty God were not God on earth! Truly, the pope’s kingdom is a horrible outrage against the power of God and against mankind; an abomination of desolation, which stands in the holy place. ‘Tis a monstrous blasphemy for a human creature to presume, now Christ is come, to exalt himself in the Church above God. If it had been done amongst the Gentiles, before the coming of Christ, it would not have been so great a wonder. But though Daniel, Christ himself, and his apostles, Paul and Peter, have given us warning of that poisoned beast and pestilence, yet we Christians have been, and still are, so doltish and mad, as to adore and worship all his idols, and to believe that he is lord over the universal world, as heir to St. Peter; whereas neither Christ nor St. Peter left any succession upon earth………………...…   …………After the Babylonish captivity, the pope begat the mystery of iniquity; the mystery of iniquity begat sophistical theology; sophistical theology begat rejecting of the Holy Scripture; rejecting of the Holy Scripture begat tyranny; tyranny begat slaughtering of the saints; slaughtering of the saints begat contemning of God; contemning of God begat dispensation; dispensation begat willful sin; willful sin begat abomination; abomination begat desolation; desolation begat doubt; doubt begat searching out the grounds of truth, and out of this, the desolator, pope, or Antichrist is revealed……The mass ought to be abolished, chiefly for two reasons. First, because natural understanding judges that it is a dishonest kind of trading and gain to celebrate mass for twopence, or to sell it for three-half-pence. Secondly, because, according to the spirit, it is judged to be an abominable idolatry, making Christ to have died in vain, seeing they pretend thereby to make full satisfaction for sins with mere works…….Many Italians are well inclined to the Protestant religion, and would have been well satisfied therewith had I not touched the mass, to reject which they hold to be an abominable heresy.


      Luther is no Preterist or Reconstructionist

      He teaches war with the abominable Papal Antichrist until Christ

      "I cannot imagine how there should be peace between us and the papists, for neither will yield to the other; 'tis an everlasting war, like that between the woman's seed and the old serpent.[13] When temporal kings are weary of warring, they make a truce, more or less enduring; but in our case, there can be no such cessation; for we cannot depart from the gospel, nor will they desist from their idolatry and blaspheming. The devil will not suffer his feet to be chopped off, nor will Christ have the preaching of his Word hindered; therefore I cannot see how any peace or truce may be between Christ and Belial." [14]

      Luther exposes the Papist lie of Futurism

                  "Tis an idle dream the papists entertain of antichrist; they suppose he should be a single person that should govern, scatter money amongst them, do miracles, and carry a fiery oven about him, and kill the saints." [15]

      Luther recognized that identifying the Papacy as the Antichrist will result in unparalleled persecution

                  "It is no marvel that the papists hate me so vehemently, for I have well deserved it at their hands. Christ more mildly reproved the Jews than I the papists, yet they killed him. These, therefore, think they justly persecute me, but, according to God's laws and will, they shall find their mistake. In the day of the last judgment I will denounce the pope and his tyrants, who scorn and assail the Word of God, and his sacraments…..Dr. Staupitz said once to me: "If you meddle with Popedom, you will have the whole world against you," and he added, "yet the church is built on blood; and with blood must be sprinkled." [16]

      Ligonier Ministry's Table Talk Opposes the Prophetic Views of the One Who is Their Publication's Namesake

                  Here we seen more clear evidence of the hypocrisy of R. C. Sproul's so-called 'Reformed' ministry. They purposely suppress knowledge of Luther's Historicist view which unflinchingly teaches the Papacy is the Antichrist and his church, Mystery Babylon. Nor do they believe Luther and the innumerable witnesses through the Church ages, including the millions of those martyred, who agree with Luther's prophetic wisdom. Sproul's New Geneva Study Bible also intentionally covers-up the views of the very Genevan Reformers it claims to represent.[17] These facts are overriding proof of the intentional cover-up of Church history, suppression of the testimony of the saints and martyrs, willful unbelief and apostasy in this end times professing Christian Church.






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      From: Peter
      Sent: Saturday, October 30, 2004 5:49 PM
      Subject: [Covenanted Reformation] True Lutheran (the Dr. on the conversion of Paul)

      Since Luther is being claimed for Rome by someone on the message board, I thought I'd share some excerpts from Martin Luther's sermon "The Conversion of St. Paul", which I just read:
      ...in short Paul is the kind of man who is ready to wipe out and bury the whole of Christianity in one fell swoop, had he been able. And why? On what grounds? Nothing other than that he had heard Christians proclaiming that no one could be saved by the Law of Moses; rather if a person is to be saved it must come about through the crucified Christ; without him there was no forgiveness of sins let alone eternal life. As he hears that, how Moses is repudiated as the way of salvation and how all prophets had testified to this insufficiency of Moses, Paul had become raving mad with fury.
          4. The situation is much the same with the pope and his followers when they hear that the canon laws, monkery, orders, prayer, fasting, and saying the Mass, do not avail for salvation before God: they are ready to burst forth with maliciousness and can absolutely not tolerate such preaching. This was the thinking of Paul except his motivation was on a higher plane than that of the pope and his followers. For his concern was for God's word and Law; this he wanted to uphold, so that the Law, sacrifices, the temple and all that God had ordained might continue to be kept and not be thrown out; and for this he was prepared to give his life. After all, how could these things be wrong since they were given and ordained by God. The pope does not have God's word, but his own decrees and human ordinances. Precisely for that reason we stand opposed to their Masses, orders, prayers, and fasting as being wrong and umavailing before God, because they are not ordained by God but conceived out of their own ideas arbitrarily, without regard fo what God has ordained. And yet we see how they presume nonetheless to maintain their idolatrous practices. [last 2 sentences sound quite like an affirmation of RPW]
          5. So when we look into the heart of Paul to see what it was that motivated him to be hostile to the Christians, to obtain incriminating letters against the Christians, and become an executioner for the Jews, we perceive he had much more valid grounds than the papists who persecute the gospel simply for the sake of money, goods, station and prestige. None of that moves Paul...The papists own conscience, on the other hand, bears witness to them that the reception of both elements in the Sacrament is not wrong, nor to be married, nor to use foods and other things freely; for they cannot belie Gods word or the teachings of Christ, also not the usages in the early church.
          6. Paul, therefore, is more pious than the papists, since he seeks only to uphold God's word and honor, and is willing to risk his life and suffer any cost; moreover, what he does is done in ignorance as he himself states (1 Tim 1:13.) Thats something the papists of today [& indeed today] cannot lay claim to. For the fact is that what they do is simply for their own stomach's sake. The word of God hits them straight before the eyes and lights up their eyes, so they have to acknowledge that it is true, and yet the refuse to allow or tolerate it...
          7. Our Lord Jesus has other plans for him. Halt! This is the man I want! Whatever he sets his mind to he does with determination; and this resolve which he now manifests in an evil way, I will turn around with my Spirit and utilize fo a good purpose. I will set him in contention with the Jews and cause them to rage and fume as they rightfully deserve. Similarly, today, the Lord God has used me against the pope and his minions; earlier I was ready to let myself be torn apart because of the pope but now I must fight against him with might and main...
      Have a blessed Lord's Day and a Happy Reformation Day, remembering the finished work of Jesus recovered by the mighty work God began through Luther.

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