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11397Beza's play, Abraham Sacrifiant, 1550

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  • shawn anderson
    Oct 9, 2004

      Hey all,


      Thought you might find this interesting. You may be aware that Theodore Beza, Genevan Reformer, wrote a play entitled, Abraham Sacrifiant, 1550:

      �In spite of the arduous work which fell to his lot, Beza found time to write a Biblical drama, Abraham Sacrifiant (published at Geneva, 1550; Eng. transl. by Arthur Golding, London, 1577, ed., with introduction, notes, and the French text of the original, M. W. Wallace, Toronto, 1906), in which he contrasted Catholicism with Protestantism, and the work was well received.� -taken from The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge, Vol. II: Basilica � Chambers; found at http://www.ccel.org/ccel/schaff/encyc02.beza_theodore.html

      This play can be found translated here:


      By Arthur Golding � Translations
      Biography and Bibliography of Arthur Golding


      1) A Tragedie of Abraham's Sacrifice - Original Spelling

      A transcription of the 1577 first edition


      2) A Tragedie of Abraham's Sacrifice - Modern Spelling


      3) Also notice this aid:

      Glossary and Appendices to Abraham's Sacrifice





      (sorry for the cross-posting)

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