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11347[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Of the Papacy and their merry men (Barry)

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  • bucerian
    Oct 5, 2004
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      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Barry Ferguson
      <gogon789@y...> wrote:

      Of course I had never heard him rage against the Jews -

      Which he learned to do from the breast milk served to him by the
      (Rome) who persecuted the Jews throughout the middle ages out of
      nearly every country in Europe... TPL
      > Luther forcefully brought justification to the forefront - and
      Trent countered by reaffirming justification in very Augustinian
      terms. Augustine never separated justification from an inward work
      of sanctification - i.e., from the "love of God shed abroad in our
      hearts by the Holy Spirit who is given to us."

      Augustine, who never read the N.T. in Greek, but in the old Latin,
      was wrong and the humanist trained Luther as right. TPL

      > Calvin and Luther's doctrine of "extrinsic" justification
      was novel in terms of traditional Catholic and Orthodox doctrine in
      both east and west.

      Novel in terms of articulation, not in terms of being authentic
      Paulinism. TPL
      > Is our salvation completed and perfected by something that
      is extrinsic to us (apart from the merciful providence of him who
      works all things together for the good of those who Love him (back)
      and are called according to his purpose?)

      Yes, completed by the passive and active obedience of Christ.
      Absolutely completed. TPL
      > "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling, for
      GOD IS AT WORK WITHIN YOU, both to will and to do of his good
      > "Christ IN YOU, the hope of glory."
      > Not as our innate righteousness "in Adam" - but as God's
      outpouring and invasion into our lives, from beginning to end, "in

      "Infusia" may be Augustinian; it IS NOT Pauline. TPL

      > Luther's dispute with Rome was HIGHLY PERSONAL - he
      absolutized his wounded feelings, he was deeply wounded by his ordeal
      as well as by his rejection; he was a very proud German - and he was
      highly insulted that any right thinking theologian would see in him
      anything less than the inspiration of the Holy Ghost with respect to
      doctrine and to enlightened Biblical interpretation.

      And nearly every learned mind who read the bible in the original
      languages agreed with him, as the entire history of the sweep of the
      Reformation from Wittenburg, to England, to Geneva, to the
      Netherlands, to
      Scotland, to Eastern Europe, makes perfectly clear. TPL

      > Just ask Erasmus (:)
      > He claimed that his authority and his office, as did
      Calvin, came solely and directly from God, and they both modelled
      themselves after the Apostle Paul, as men set apart for the gospel of
      Christ. They claimed the same authority that Paul had in Galatians,
      as apostles who should be trusted and followed against the
      established church, because they had the true gospel of grace, even
      if they did not have traditional institutional sanction. They were
      making a very solemn and absolute claim on the consciences of
      millions of traditional Catholics - and millions of Protestants who
      still take them as oracles of God.

      Not them, but the purified original language texts, cleaned of the
      putrid medieval scholasticism in which the truth had been buried (in
      a defective, late medieval edition of a corrupt Latin text--thank
      you, Erasmus and Valla). TPL

      > Augustine did not think the Bishop of Rome was the anti-
      Christ, and Augustine knew his Bible quite well, as well as his early
      church history.

      The Bishop of Rome had not fully manifested as the Antichrist yet. TPL

      > It takes quite a bit of divine inspiration to state with
      absolute certainty that the Bishop of Rome is the anti-Christ and the
      scourge of the earth in the twenty first century.

      No it does not. Merely a good grasp of history, of the teachings of
      Rome, and of Scripture. The Pope is, was, and always will be the
      final and exclusive Antichrist predicted by Paul. TPL

      Theodore P. Letis
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