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11307[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Of the Papacy and their merry men (Spurgeon)

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  • covie1646
    Oct 3, 2004
      >>he was right about the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist; he
      was right about retaining infant baptism; he was right about taking
      songs from drunkards and transforming them for the glory of Christ;
      he was right about composing hymns of his own for the common people;


      Could you show us how he was right concerning Consubstantiation,
      uninspired hymnody, and the ubiquity of Christ?

      > He was only a man, he had all that treasure in a fallen
      earthly vessel, and he was not the infallible Pope of the
      Protestants, and neither was John Calvin and neither are you, g.m.w.,
      nor is anyone who writes in this forum.

      Neither am I infallible nor you, nor the Pope, nor the Councils, nor
      the Magisterium nor any human upon this earth living or dead except
      Christ (who was also God). Never did Gerry, I, or anyone else in the
      Reformed church and history claimed or implied infalliblity, which is
      a doctrine opposed to Scripture.

      >When our founding fathers were drawing up their Constitution they
      came to a stalemate; so Ben Franklin stood up and suggested everyone
      drop their own pretense of infallibility and look to God in heaven
      who raises up and puts down kingdoms and who sees the fall of every

      That causes me to shudder because if God was the center and basis of
      our Constitution, then our Constitution would not be the godless,
      idolatrous document that it is. Note that this same Benjamin
      Franklin also once said, "Lighthouses are more helpful than
      churches", "I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Early in
      life I absented myself from Christian assemblies", "Revealed religion
      has no weight with me."


      > The presumptive infallibility of people who condemn the
      motives of those who disagree with them is an easy out for people who
      would rather vent their spleen than think, or pray, or beg God for
      more light for either their opponent or for themselves.
      > Barry Ferguson
      > gmw <raging.calvinist@v...> wrote:
      > --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Barry Ferguson
      > <gogon789@y...> wrote:
      > > But Luther cuts a pretty wide swath in here below in terms of
      > > character assassination.
      > When unable to answer Luther, most immediately point out that he
      > harsh with his words. Anyone who reads Luther knows that Luther
      > harsh with his words. The point is, was he right or wrong?
      > gmw.
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