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11304[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Of the Papacy and their merry men (Barry)

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  • gmw
    Oct 2, 2004
      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Barry Ferguson
      <gogon789@y...> wrote:

      > When I used to believe that every word proceeded from Luther's
      > mouth was inspired by the Holy Ghost,

      Wow. Are you being hyperbolic, or did you actually believe he was
      inspired? As much as I love Luther, I would never ever hold him to
      have been inspired in this way.

      > If you want my opinion on what Luther was right about, I'll
      > say he was right about the fact that God embraces sinners wholly in
      > Christ crucified apart from works of righteousness which we have
      > done;

      Are you saying that you part with Rome on the issue of Justification,
      and side with Luther instead? Interesting. What I was intending,
      though, was the more immediate context -- Luther's assertion that the
      Papacy is Antichrist, and the other things mentioned in the post
      Deejay graciously provided for us here. I would like to see less
      complaining about his harsh language, and more dealing with his
      position on Antichrist -- was he right or wrong, and why.

      > He thundered and that is probably what was required to shake the
      > complacency of the crap he saw in Rome when he visited.

      Especially the guy sitting on a throne pretending to be the head of
      the Church, the vicar of Christ, the one who "excommunicated" Luther
      for his "heretical" teachings.

      > Did he know the motives of everyone who opposed him?
      > Could he read into human hearts with omniscient clarity?

      Are you equating these two things? Can one not discern motive by the
      actions or words and circumstances themselves? If a man breaks into
      my home at night with a weapon in my hand, must I refrain from self
      defense because I am not omniscient and cannot possibly know his real
      secret inner motives?

      > He was simply wrong, wong, wrong, on several personal fronts.

      His dispute with Rome was essentially doctrinal and not personal.

      > He was only a man, etc. etc.

      Yawn. Same old tired mis-applied mantra. Look, no one is saying that
      anyone but God is infallible. No true Protestant is saying this
      anyway. You can turn those accusations on the man of sin you are

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