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11293Re: Of the Papacy and their merry men (Spurgeon)

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  • covie1646
    Oct 2, 2004
      Although Luther wrote that, Spurgeon's "Geese in the Hoods" was
      brought to my mind. Has anyone read that book and have an opinion
      about it?


      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Braniac"
      <brainiac@c...> wrote:
      > On account of this judgment fear and trembling might well seize
      our great Spiritual prelates, as they call themselves, the popes,
      cardinals, bishops, canons, priests and the hole diabolical rabble
      of the anti-Christian crowd at Rome, and everywhere, in their
      monasteries and brothels, if they were not altogether hardened and
      deliberately given to Satan body and soul. They think and act as
      though they were especially appointed to snatch to themselves
      everything that belongs to the poor church, and in their own
      wantonness to consume, spend, waste, squander, in dissipation,
      gambling and debauchery, in the most shameful and scandalous manner,
      whatever has been given for the maintenance of students, schools and
      the poor people. They mock God and man, 2 Pet. 2, 13; yeah, they
      publicly murder innocent, pious people.
      > Yea, woe another and eternal woe, to them and to all who side with
      them. For it had been better for them, had they never been born,
      as Christ says of Judas. Therefore they ought rather to wish that
      their mother had drowned them in their first bath, nor that they had
      never come forth from the womb, than that one of them should have
      become pope or cardinal or a popish priest. For they are nothing
      else than merely desperate and select ones, not highway robbers, but
      public country thieves, who take, not the goods of the mighty and the
      powerful that really have something, but of the poor and wretched, of
      the parish churches, schools and hospitals, whose morsels are
      snatched from their teeth, and whose drink is torn from their mouths,
      so that they are unable to maintain life.
      > Therefore, let every man beware of the Pope, the bishops, and the
      priesthood, as he would beware of those have already been condemned
      alive to the abyss of perdition. Truly Paul did not prophesy in
      vain, 2 Tim 3, 1 that in the last days perilous times shall come.
      > From a sermon by Martin Luther from his third Postil. Pages 387-389
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