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11284[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Bible translations and reformed churches

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  • bucerian
    Oct 1, 2004
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      > Actually I wasn't able to read what Paul posted until this evening,
      > because my ISP has been timing out when trying to connect to
      > holywordcafe.com. But a friend of mine was able to forward the PDF
      > to me and I was able to see all those things. What White should
      > have said is that he was wrong about you being a theonomist and
      > assumed too much from your connections; that you hating all
      > was something he said heatedly and without thinking and he was
      > (as the facts obviously vindicate you); and that he can accuse a
      > LCMS Lutheran of being anti-Trinitarian for the reasons he did is
      > pretty incredible all right and makes him look very bad.
      > Chris
      > Montreal, QC
      > RPNA


      This as very much appreciated...

      > (As a Reformed post-millennial theonomist, I don't really see why
      > *everyone* shouldn't be theonomists too with me but that is neither
      > here nor there....) :)

      Ah, and so we all shall all be once our King sets up His thrown here
      (but not in a pre-mil sense):-).

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