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10757Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Answer to Whit's questions, Doctors that use Nutrition

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  • Soles
    Aug 6, 2004
      Okay Dr.Fisher;
      Reading over all the posts that are connected in some way to health, be it body or mind...here goes.
      Sorry to Ger, looks like your forum is about to get hijacked by those of us who are following Doctors who are specializing in using Natural means to correct problems in the body that are caused by Nutritional Deficiencies...did you all catch that ???***Deficiencies.***
      Chris, you will have remembered meeting our daughter Belinda; that you stayed in her and Mark's home two years ago...Belinda shortly after your stay (she had too much stress, and illness over that summer, then her grandpa was killed in an accident end of October) Belinda's family Doctor told her that he could do nothing more for her, and to seek some health alternative, she'd lost down to 78lbs. anyway not to go into all the details of her recovery...to make it shorter...Belinda and my whole family are now following Dr.Jean Corbier and other Doctors that are in agreement with him on using this Nutrition that the body needs inorder to function . Grant, Belinda, Amanda, Jody and I have listened to  Dr.Jean Corbier by live phone conference.
      Saturday May 1,
      Jean-Ronel Corbier M.D.  Pediatric Neurologist
      Dr. Jean-Ronel Corbier attended medical school at Michigan State University in East Lansing. While attending medical school, Dr. Corbier also completed a Master’s program in Health and Humanities. He then did a 2 year residency in Pediatrics at Flint, Michigan. Dr. Corbier went o­n to do 1 year of adult neurology training at the University of Cincinnati, then did 2 years of fellowship training in Child Neurology at Children's Hospital of Cincinnati in Ohio. Dr. Corbier has also done several neurology electives at various medical centers across the country including the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.
      Dr. Corbier has a special interest in Epilepsy and Autistic Spectrum Disorder, but treats all neurological disorders of childhood.
      Dr. Corbier was born in New York City but has traveled extensively. Prior to attending medical school, Dr. Corbier lived in Africa for 7 years where his parents were missionaries. This experience has greatly influenced Dr. Corbier's general outlook o­n life and affects the way he practices medicine. He is married to Michelle Corbier and they have a son.
      Dr. Corbier practices pediatric neurology in Montgomery, Alabama.
      Dr.Corbier site is www.neuropedsofal.com not much said there, you'd probably have to get an appointment with him or hear him speak..Dr.Corbier does stress his success using Glyco nutrition to bring improvement to the health in all of his patients.
       Dr.Benjamin Carson who was the key speaker at the Dallas Conferance. http://www.drbencarson.com/index.html  I, Cathie did listen to him there in March.
       http://www.glycoscience.com/glycoscience/home.wm <--------- public service to provide educational information on dietary supplements 

      http://www.fisherinstitute.org/index.html <--------------- case studies; there is some results with children with ADHD

      http://www.dralex.net/  <--------------- Dr Alex Omelchuk MD, doctor suffering from a stroke that occured 17 years ago, now has no brain damage and is touring, lecturing about Glyco-nutritionals. Grant and I listened to him when he came to our little northern town last April.
      http://www.glycotech.net/products.html <-------------- Doctors Speak Out - Audio (RealAudio) found on this page
      http://www.glycotech.net/validation.html <---------- Scientific Journals, Articles & Books
      http://www.drreg.net/  <-------- Currently, Dr.Reg McDaniel has taken on the role of Medical Director of MannaRelief Ministries...
      www.mannarelief.org  <------Children helped by MannaRelief....be sure to read some of the testimonies found there of children helped by this nutrition!!!!!
      http://www.sweetvibranthealth.com/ <---------beautiful information site
      So, I'm not into Doctor bashing, but do applaud Doctors who educate themselves by using the Proevity courses.
      In Christ;