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10699RE: [Covenanted Reformation] The Civil Magistrate (was re: Question Regarding Political Participation)

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  • J. Parnell McCarter
    Aug 2 7:59 PM
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      >I strongly agree that the Constitution was and is unsound.  How was the Revolution unsound?


      1. Carried out using illegal and immoral means.


      2. Involved an alliance with wicked heretics (like Jefferson and Franklin) and Romanists (like the French govt, who subsidized the Revolutionaries, and the Carroll family) .  The real winners from the conflict were the secular heretics and the Romanists.


      >> Yes, and the constitution gave to
      Parliament the power to restrain and judge the monarch.  It did not give it to the individual citizen.

      >The British Constitution I take?





      The modern, post-Reformation era has been based on 2 Enlightenment pillars:


      1. Revolution


      2. Secularism


      Both are un-Biblical.  We should distinguish Reformation from Revolution.


      - Parnell McCarter

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