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10691the body politic versus the individual citizen

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  • jparnellm@usxchange.net
    Aug 2, 2004
      From Lex Rex: "The kingdom, by God, yea, and church, justice and religion, so
      far as they concern the whole kingdom, are committed not to the keeping
      of the king only, but to all the judges, elders, and princes of the
      land: and they are rebuked as evening wolves, lions, oppressors, (Ezek.
      xxii. 27; Zec. iii. 3; Isa. iii. 14, 15; Mic. iii. 1-3,) when they
      oppress the people in judgment, so are they (Deut. i. 15-17; 2 Chron.
      xix. 6, 7) made judges, and therefore they are no more to be restrained
      not to convene by the king's power, (which is in this accumulative and
      auxiliary, not privative,) than they can be restrained in judgment, and
      in pronouncing such a sentence, as the king pleased, and not such a
      sentence; because, as they are to answer to God for unjust sentences, so
      also for no just sentences, and for not convening to judge, when
      religion and justice, which are fallen in the streets, calleth for them."

      The Parliament should be called upon to restrain the king, and even judge the
      king, when he does wickedly. But it is not the right of mere individuals to
      act the part of Parliament (ie, "the judges, elders, and princes of the

      Individual citizens may not depose the king, nor may ministers of the gospel.
      For this would erase the distinction between the body politic and the
      individual citizen.

      - Parnell McCarter
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