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  • A Mighty Fortress
    Jul 3, 2004
      Some Lutheran (Goesswein, Peters) and Reformed divines /Pareus, Steele, Wylie, etc. suggested or uttered that the 1260 years began in 756 or 776, thus the period could be close to its end. The Two Witnesses still continue prophesiyng amd are killed inmediately before to Antichrist Church final destruction in the Parousia.

      jparnellm@... wrote:
      Scripture (and esp. the book of Revelation) provides us with a divine
      interpretation of Church history.  It indicates that following the destruction
      of the Temple and ceasing of the sacrifices (in 70 AD) there would be a
      1260/1290 "day" (ie, year) "wilderness" period, before Reformation.  During
      these wilderness years, God would maintain a 2-witness church-state (IMO, the
      Waldenses) in the world, despite widespread corruption.  The wilderness period
      terminated with the birth (c 1330 AD) and inception of public ministry (1360
      AD) of Wyckliffe, the Morningstar of the Reformation.  From the British Isles
      it spread to continental Europe, where it especially took root in Bohemia,
      later Germany, Switzerland, etc.  The Waldensian church joined with the
      Bohemian church and Reformed churches in the Reformation.

      More of an explanation on this is found in my church history book Thy Kingdom
      Come II at http://www.puritans.net/curriculum/ .

      - Parnell McCarter

      Quoting Anglicananswer@...:

      > I never mentioned the Westminster Standards
      > I simply pointed  out what I observed in some remarks.
      > That the conclusion some Presbyterians have is there was no Biblical Duly
      > Constituted church after the Apostles died.
      > If you mention the only Biblical duly constituted church is from 33-70 AD and
      > then missing until the 15th/16th century then I conclude you are
      > restorationist.
      > Perhaps I am misunderstanding you....but restorationism teaches that the
      > Biblical apostolic church went misssing after the apostles and is
      > rediscovered
      > centuries later.
      > That is what I concluded was being asserted or implied.
      > If I misunderstand...then please forgive.
      > Paul

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