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Ringing For England - April 23rd.

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  • Jonathan Tallis
    Dear all, Would you please read Libby Alexander s invitation for as many towers of our guild to take part in Ringing For England on April 23rd.  Please
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2013

      Dear all,

      Would you please read Libby Alexander's invitation for as many towers of our guild to take part in Ringing For England on April 23rd.  Please consider it - it would be great publicity, not only for our guild but also for the exercise.

      There is a link at the foot of the message.

      Jon T

      Dear Jonathan,

      My fingers arecrossed hoping that you will all agree to join in and make it an even biggerand better April 23rd.  As an event it really is beginning tomake an impact.  All the Cathedrals have been contacted and all those thathave so far responded have all been delighted to support and ring out.  Wehave also just heard that St. Paul's has joined and will be ringing out withyou. 

        It would be terrific if you couldencourage as many of your wonderful ringers as possible to join in and if youcould  let me know as soon as possible who will be able to ring as we wantto give the media plenty of warning.  We would love to hear from yourbands direct and if they have photos or any news about what they will be doing,THE MORE THE MERRIER.

       Now just to allay any fears aboutthe day  - whilst the Campaign has said the ideal would be 6 o'clock, (andthose that can will do so,) the  important point is to make sure it is asconvenient as possible for your band.  Also, please feel free to ring outwhatever you wish and for however long you wish. It is the fact that you willbe taking part on the day that really matters.  I know in the past somehave used this as an excuse to do something special, for example ringing apeal, or for encouraging first time ringers to come and have a go, but whateveryou choose to do we really want to know so that we can spread the good news. Soplease get in touch.

       Hoping to hear from you soon

      My Best Wishes – Libby


      Libby Alexander

      Ringing for England Campaign


      Contact :  07799 23 04 23

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