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Teacher training Scheme

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  • Graham Nabb
    Integrated Teacher Training Scheme Some of you will be aware that Pip Penney of the Central Council s Education Committee has developed an Integrated Teacher
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 24, 2010
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                              Integrated Teacher Training Scheme


      Some of you will be aware that Pip Penney of the Central Council’s Education Committee has developed an ‘Integrated Teacher Training Scheme’ to bring on the next generation of teachers of bell handling and elementary change ringing. 

      This has been piloted in South Wales and a group of twelve trainee teachers have attended an initial theory session. They receive support and mentoring over next twelve months from a group of experienced teachers, as the apprentices teach their first pupils.  This has been very successful and is now being rolled out and is now sponsored by the Ringing Foundation. 

      The scheme is based on modern teaching principles and includes a teachers pack, a mentors pack and other supporting material. It also includes use of ‘Virtual Learning Environment’ (Moodle) and should therefore be ‘cool’ for young people. It covers all the stages from the first bell handling lesson up to ringing Plain Bob Minor inside. 

      The initial results have been very encouraging, and more ‘early adopters’ are being sought in other parts of the country to trial and further develop the scheme this year.  Normally the ability to ring to Bob Minor level is the entry requirement.  The new teachers include several in the 18 to 23 year old category who have proved particularly successful

      The Harry Windsor Ringing Centre at Kineton will be involved in this project and will be running a course with Pip on the 9th October.  


      If anyone wishes to become involved in this initiative  please contact Graham Nabb on 10926 641812 or graham@...

      07974 743766

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