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BSoBR Launch

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  • John Gwynne
    From Simon Linford John G ... From: Simon Linford Date: 20 Aug 2013 23:09 Subject: [SMGlist] BSoBR Launch To: SMG List
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      From Simon Linford
      John G

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      From: "Simon Linford" <simonhippo@...>
      Date: 20 Aug 2013 23:09
      Subject: [SMGlist] BSoBR Launch
      To: "SMG List" <members@...>

      Even if you have only scanned or even parked the previous six emails on this subject, please read this one! 
      Preparations for the start of the School proceed apace, with people starting to express interest in joining Tower A (raw recruits) and Tower C (Plain Hunt).  In order for Tower C to work, it needs at least five people who can ring Plain Bob Doubles to provide a steady framework for the learners.  Tower C is going to be Yardley.
      We are not looking for people to commit to every week, or even to be regular, but we need to build up a pool of 20 or so people who can be asked to come along for two hours on a Saturday morning and help out.  You do not need to have done any ITTS courses to be a helper.
      In due course there will be an online system through which you will be able to indicate availability, but in the short term please email your level of willingness directly to Clare McArdle.  The first day will be Saturday 14th September, with an optional briefing the week before for anyone interested in learning about the project.
      P.S. This email will be closely followed by one asking for possible recruits/applicants


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