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  • John Gwynne
    See below more information on training ringers in Birmingham. Cheers John 07789 777507 ... From: Simon Linford Date: Tue, Jul 16, 2013
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      See below more information on training ringers in Birmingham.
      07789 777507

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      From: Simon Linford <simonhippo@...>
      Date: Tue, Jul 16, 2013 at 10:37 PM
      Subject: [SMGlist] Birmingham School of Bell Ringing #2
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      Sunday's email introduced the Birmingham School of Bell Ringing, which is an initiative being launched by the St Martin's Guild which we hope will represent a step change in the training of bellringers.
      The BSoBR will progress new ringers through the first four stages of the "Learn the Ropes" scheme, designed and promoted by the Association of Ringing Teachers. http://www.ringingteachers.co.uk/learningtheropes/.  There will be four towers all teaching concurrently on a Saturday morning between 10 and 12, with one tower allocated to each stage.  The four levels of the curriculum are as follows, with more details available on the website linked above.
      Tower A - Level 1 - "Bell Handling and Control"
      Tower B - Level 2 - "Foundation Ringing Skills" (this introduces activities to build skills cover ropesight development, bell control and listening)
      Tower C - Level 3 - "Plain Hunt" (ending with ringing the treble to a QP of Doubles)
      Tower D - Level 4 - "Novice Change Ringer" (ending with ringing a QP inside)
      New ringers will progress through the School at their own speed, or at the speed of a group if they want to learn in a group together.  It will not be necessary to start at the beginning - we think that current ringers should be able to use the School to overcome any barrier to progress they have reached, or just to get more practice.  For instance we think there is a particular need for those learning to ring Plain Hunt to be able to do so with a strong band of helpers, as there are a number of towers in the Guild where there are insufficient inside ringers to give those learning to treble a decent chance.
      Of course this programme is going to need a lot of support and helpers to work.  Recruitment, staffing, and the roll-out programme (this will start in September) will be the subject of a later email.
      If you were wondering how frequent these emails were going to be, then now you know - every two days!

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