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looking for someone to adopt my 8 months old baby... including me

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  • mommybear_babybear
    I am a 27 year old Filipina woman. I have an 8 months old baby. His father is an American. I DO NOT have any regrets in having a baby and in fact I feel very
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2007
      I am a 27 year old Filipina woman. I have an 8 months old baby. His
      father is an American.

      I DO NOT have any regrets in having a baby and in fact I feel very
      blessed to have him in my life. He is the most wonderful little boy,
      he is giving me so much joy and he is the best thing that happened
      to me.

      The thing is the father is not man enough to take the responsibility
      and that he never supported us. He left the Philippines and that was
      the time I learned that I was pregnant. I never thought of losing my
      baby and never hated myself for having him eventhough I knew from
      the start that the father will never support us.

      There are so many changes in my life since I have my baby. I became
      even stronger and determined. MY baby gave me more reason to live in
      this world. I never stopped working even before I was about to give
      birth, even how much i struggled for being pregnant, I never gave up
      on me and my baby. My family never learned about my situation and
      it was only when I gave birth and that was the time I called them up
      and told them I just gave birth. (my family lives up North which is
      not near where I am staying so they dont know whats happening) I
      never told them what was going on. I never asked help from them even
      though I was really in need especially when I was about to give
      birth. I am very greatful that i have friends who supported me in
      many ways. They have been with me all the way.

      Now that my baby is almost 9 months, I am quite worried about his
      future. I have been working for 15 hours a day since I started
      working again (that was when he was 4 months old and I thought he is
      ready to have his milk bottle and I stopped feeding him with my own)
      I feel that even how much I work hard, it is still not enough. I
      need to pay our rent, the baby sitter, our food (my baby is now
      starting to eat solid) his milk, diapers, vitamins, clothes, etc.
      Despite all these, I never thought of giving up on my baby, why
      would I when he is the one who is giving me strenght and inspiration?

      The feeling i have when I watch him sleep is overwhelming. I am
      always thinking about his future. His studies. I want to give him
      the best education. The best things in life. I can say that i am the
      most patient mother in the whole world. I want to give a good
      father. I do have the best people around me, I have my friends and I
      have my family to look over him.... but I want him to have someone
      he can call daddy. I want to have someone who will teach him things
      about being a boy. Things I can not discuss with him. I want to have
      someone to guide him.. He is going to turn one in few months now,
      and this is scaring me... not because I want him to be forever be a
      baby but because of obvious reasons.

      I can say that I am a very loving person, very caring and there are
      many good things about me that it is up to the person to find out.
      If you know someone who might be interested in me and my baby please
      pass this ad. I will send pictures of me and my baby.

      Anyways, I think that the title of this add is clear enough of what
      I am looking for.

      PS: to those people who might give me a negative feedback. Please
      put on the subject line that you are sending me a negative feedback
      so I wont bother read it. I am tired of all the people who dont
      understand my feeling. Who misinterpret of what I am saying.

      Please pass it on.
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