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Story part 1

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  • thesporq
    I ve been holding back this story because of the razor-thin hope that it might lead to something, but as it stands right now, that s not going to happen. I m a
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2002
      I've been holding back this story because of the razor-thin hope that
      it might lead to something, but as it stands right now, that's not
      to happen.

      I'm a fairly rational guy. I try to keep my feet firmly planted on
      ground. I've tried to not get too hopeful or excited about stuff for
      the fear of getting disappointed. And for the most part I've

      Except in one crucial area.

      Late november 2001. Airport. There's a ton of people milling around,
      and since Southwest doesn't assign seats, I decide to just grab a
      and sit in line for my boarding pass, even though it wouldn't open
      for an
      hour. The main reason is so I can get my
      usual seat [right side, window, near wing]. The explanation would
      up a whole new letter.

      I notice someone sitting in front of me. I assumed she was doing the
      same thing I was, and didn't pay much attention. I wasn't until after
      got our passes and moved to another line that I got a good look at

      Now, I usually have a good memory. I pride myself on my ability to
      remember the most inconsequential details, but all I can tell you is
      she sort of reflected the light coming in the windows. She asked me
      about the book I was reading and I mumbled
      something or another. we then began talking, about what I couldn't
      you even if you held a gun to my head. Why? Because during the entire
      conversation, my brain transforms into British Intelligence, treating
      every word she says like it was the German
      Enigma code. At the same time, I'm treating every word I say like a
      diplomat, making sure I give the right impression.

      As we're talking, the person behind me asks my name. As it turns out,
      she went to the same high school with me and begins to trade notes on
      who's where and doing what. At this point, I couldn't care less about
      old high school. Let me set the stage;

      On one side, I've got an attractive young woman who has listened to
      for almost an hour and has yet to find me repellent...

      And on the other, someone I barely remember telling me about a period
      of my life I would gladly forget forever.

      While I didn't do anything overly rude, she got the message. Given
      finally did happen, I might have made the wrong decision.

      Tune in next time for the amazing and unbelieveable conclusion to
      this epic story.

      NOTE: the previous story or it's continuation is not amazing or
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