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Re: Clutch kits?

Pressure plate, clutch disk and flywheel were the same on 5 speeds and 4 speeds.
Mar 30

#0271 for sale

1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega http://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/4951290735.html http://orlando.craigslist.org/cto/4951290735.html 1975 Chevrolet Cosworth Vega
Mar 29

Re: Clutch kits?

Hi Jeff, I might, I had my pressure plate resurfaced it had some low wear not a lot – so I bought the LUK 04-062 Clutch- Kit #310844172623 only difference is
gary stolp
Mar 29

Clutch kits?

Anyone got a good resource for clutch kit or maybe an upgraded clutch setup?  Need it for a 5 speed.The one i have with the car still has the writting on the
Jeff Mudler
Mar 29

Re: Fuel filter cross reference

Gary, It's a direct bolt-in. Same fuel line inlet fitting with 3/8" hose barb outlet connection. From: "'gary stolp' gary.stolp@... [cosworthvegas]"
Mar 29

Re: Fuel filter cross reference

Great thanks for clarifying, I found one on EBay for 9 bucks!. Thanks Bob! Gary From: cosworthvegas@yahoogroups.com [mailto:cosworthvegas@yahoogroups.com]
gary stolp
Mar 29

Re: Fuel filter cross reference

That would be the one. Use a large hose clamp to mount on filter bracket instead of OEM clamp for Bendix filter. Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE DROID ...
Bob Chin
Mar 29

Fuel filter cross reference

Anyone know what the part number cross-reference would be for a replacement fuel filter? I heard the AC GF476's filters were the best fitting. Any advise would
Mar 29

Re: Adding Air Conditioning and Power Steering?

No problem Tony, I am glad that you still have the car and have some interest in it! I know how it goes, with projects ,life, work etc. that take precedence.
Mar 23

Re: Adding Air Conditioning and Power Steering?

Appearance wise the car could look pretty nice with a good cleaning. Problem is a cracked windshield and minor dent on the hood (a branch hit the car during a
Mar 20

Re: Adding Air Conditioning and Power Steering?

Wow! Tony, I was just asking Mike Rupert a week ago when the last time you were a member of the CVOA. Do you ever take the car out anymore? how is the
Mar 19

Re: Adding Air Conditioning and Power Steering?

I still have Bob's #002 recreation. I've never been able to make it reliable running vehicle. I'm guessing all the performance modifications resulted in major
Mar 14

Re: Questions on a non-titled Cosworth

Nice find. It would make a good raffle CV Sent from my iPhone
Bryan Pridmore
Mar 7

Questions on a non-titled Cosworth

This was posted this morning on the h-body.org forum this morning, he is looking for suggestions. "I worked for a Chevrolet dealership detailing cars a few
Mar 7

Re: Cosworth with V-8 conversion Sold

If the new owner is looking for a great running and driving but terrible looking Cosworth ,1680 is going to be for sale. I purchased the car 20 years ago last
Mar 6
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