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2Welcome to Costume Players2-The Sequel!

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  • towerman
    Aug 6, 2001
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      Welcome to Costume Players-The Sequel! This is
      the second club that I have created in MSN that is
      devoted to featuring beautiful young Japanese girls in
      sexy costume play! Costume play is big in Japan but
      has not quite caught on here in the U.S. Members in
      this club may post their photo contributions and may
      use the message board, chat and can post links to
      other costume play sites in the Links! section. If you
      would like to view the original club site it can be
      found at <a href=http://communities.msn.com/CostumePlayers target=new>http://communities.msn.com/CostumePlayers</a> . So
      every one please enjoy the site because I have lots of
      pics in my personal collection to post and I encourage
      others to contribute as well. Thank you.<br>
      Sincerely,<br>Towerman, Costume Players2-The Sequel Manager<br> <br>
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