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  • ...kit will be deferred to him. Photo's of these boards are available on the COSMAC ELF Yahoo group, in the files section "Member-JoshBensadon" PS. To all that have pre-ordered, I will email you directly Regards, Josh Bensadon
    joshbensadon@... Jun 25
  • Dave, Re Scrapped Giant board, if it would make you feel any better, I could come over and slap ya? but then you'll have to come over and shoot me for scrapping an ELF II in 1997. It went into the garbage bin, along with 2 RL01 drives. Speaking of shooting... I want to shoot the guy that designed Yahoo groups. I can't figure out how to delete a photo? It must be me.. I'm new with...
    joshbensadon@... Jun 23
  • Hi Dave, I've got the Giant board... snapped some pics, check out photo section. Regards, Josh
    joshbensadon@... Jun 23
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  • Hi Paul, Really? I didn't know you couldn't upload to my folder... it makes sense I guess, but it's not by my doing. I would happily share my folder with anyone. But, thanks for OCR'ing those! PS. Just to keep the record straight and give credit where credit is due, it was Charles Richmond who pointed out the Pong website hosting the Space-War article. Thank you Charles & Paul...
    joshbensadon@... Jun 19
  • Guys, Flip magazine article scanned and in the files section. Look in my folder "Member-Josh Bensadon" Regards, Josh
    joshbensadon@... Jun 18
  • Hi, That output looks very wrong. Weird. The Super ELF has a nice, simple video output buffer circuit, 1 transistor. You can search and find the schematics online. I have never tested the Starship program on the ELF II, If you give me a week or so to clear my bench, I can set it up and test it here. Regards, Josh Bensadon
    joshbensadon@... Jun 18
  • Hi Guys, I am still awaiting the FLIP boards, but I am organizing my orders list now. When I have all the boards, I will email everyone on the list with instructions to pay. Price for Space-War board is $8, FLIP is $6. Shipping to the US is $7 for the pair without tracking number. $18 for the pair with tracking number. I'll scan and post the FLIP article soon. Please email your...
    joshbensadon@... Jun 18
  • ...30 PM To: cosmacelf@^$5 Subject: [cosmacelf] Space War & Flip Games from Joseph Weisbecker [2 Attachments] [ Attachment(s) from joshbensadon@^$6 [cosmacelf] included below] Hi Guys, Did you know that Joseph Weisbecker published 2 other construction articles in Popular...
    Josh Bensadon Jun 18
  • Hi Guys, Did you know that Joseph Weisbecker published 2 other construction articles in Popular Electronics? Beside the famous COSMAC ELF, he designed "FLIP, A CMOS GAME COMPUTER" and "SPACE-WAR GAME". Flip is an electronic version of his much earlier "Think-A-Dot" game. Well, Lee Hart and I have chosen to build these games on PCB's. If anyone is interested, the PCB's are for sale...
    joshbensadon@... Jun 17
  • Hi Carlitos, Well, you definitely came to the right group.... I believe I have about 20 or 30 chips on hand. but Lee should have much more than me. I'm sure there are a number of members here that have a nice stash of chips also. The chips from China might not be so bad either... but I've heard many stories of some crooks. I myself have fell victim to one seller. They sold me 10...
    joshbensadon@... May 21