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  • Oops, I made a mistake! Chip-8 has 16 8-bit registers... not 16-bit registers... it's been too long
    joshbensadon@... Nov 14
  • Marcel, Doug, Well done! I would have never thought of self modifying code! Although, I have see it often on the 1802 programs (mostly to save the registers to RAM). I like self modifying code, I just think it's great that you don't need to be confined to hard coded instructions! Cheers, Josh
    joshbensadon@... Nov 13
  • Hi Ray, In you last 2 posts, I got the impression that you might think the 16 16-bit registers available to you in Chip-8 are the same 16 16-bit registers inside the 1802. Since Joseph Weisbecker designed both, it's no coincidence that this configuration is repeated, but just for the record, Chip-8 on the 1802 uses RAM to hold those 16 registers. The actual 1802 registers when...
    joshbensadon@... Nov 13
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  • I've seen Walters Arduino VIP in action, very nice! But, he couldn't make it work using the latest IDE / Compliler, after failing on several attempts, you then informed him to find and use an old version 1.02 I find this very annoying and frustrating, but also a great lesson learned. The compiler or assembler software and version should be noted in the source file and/or...
    joshbensadon@... Nov 10
  • Hi Doug, That does sound very strange. It must be a bug in the software that runs away the CPU, Emma probably doesn't trap the error. I am willing to give it a try here if you like. I can always put my logic analyzer on the VIP and watch for the VIDEO OFF signal, trace it back to an address. Regards, Josh
    joshbensadon@... Nov 9
  • Thanks! That is great news! I also bought this programmer, but it's somewhere floating on the Pacific. Should get here soon I think. Cheers, Josh
    joshbensadon@... Nov 5
  • Dave, That's a very good point. I recall the first time I saw decoupling capacitors, I didn't understand why they couldn't just group all those capacitors into 1 big one instead of lots of little ones through out the board. But, for more practical advice, you can never have too much decoupling. When I'm fixing old boards and I have doubts about the capacitors, I add a few on the...
    joshbensadon@... Oct 28
  • Hi Craig, Sorry your CF isn't working. I haven't tried mine, so I can't be much help. But perhaps someone in the group can help you fix it? Worse case scenario, you might find someone here that is willing to fix it for you, while you pay for shipping? I'll keep you in mind when I try mine. Cheers, Josh From: "'Craig Ledbetter' craigaledbetter@^$1 [cosmacelf]" To: cosmacelf@^$2 Sent...
    Josh Bensadon Oct 27
  • The TIL311's do run a little warm, not enough to burn or hurt. I'm not sure when the TIL311's came out exactly, but I can say for certain that Quest Electronics started advertising them in place of the HP displays some time in 1977. Sorry I never noted the exact dates, but I did have the pleasure to look through all the Quest advertisements in PE when trying to ascertain the...
    joshbensadon@... Oct 27
  • ...cosmacelf@^$2 Sent: Wednesday, October 21, 2015 2:26 PM Subject: Re: [cosmacelf] Re: cheap chinese programmer won't do atf22v10s.... joshbensadon@^$3 [cosmacelf] wrote: > Bob, > > I can't speak for others, but the reason I have Atmel chips is because > they were the first...
    Josh Bensadon Oct 22