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Re: [cosmacelf] Re: Help for Paul

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  • Mark Graybill
    ... The PIP command Lee gave will send the original file to your LST: device, usually set to point to the printer port. If this is the case, connecting that
    Message 1 of 13 , Aug 31, 2009
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      On Sun, Aug 30, 2009 at 1:52 PM, etxmato<marcel.v.tongeren@...> wrote:
      > Hi Again,
      > Thanks again for all the replies; sorry this is difficult for me to
      > summarize as I don't know the CPM or SDS systems.....
      > Anyway this is what Paul answered/asks:
      >> Once he has a working SDS computer, and a working console using a PC,
      >> and a working CP/M operating system,
      > Where? the CPM in the SDS is working and the only way to command the 8"
      > disks
      >> it should be very easy to transfer
      >> the files. The most straightforward way is to have the PC's terminal
      >> emulator save the data it receives to disk,
      > How do you do that?
      >> and type the CP/M PIP
      >> command to send each file to the console with something like TYPE
      >> filename.doc.
      > I do not want to send the file to the emulator display. I do want to read
      > the dir command and transfer the files to the host computer's hard drive. Is
      > that possible??

      The PIP command Lee gave will send the original file to your LST:
      device, usually set to point to the printer port. If this is the case,
      connecting that port to the PC and having a program on the PC ready to
      receive the data will transfer the file as-is to the PC:

      PIP LST:=filename.ext

      others that may work if LST: does not:

      PIP LPT:=filename.ext
      PIP TTY:=filename.ext
      PIP PUN:=filename.ext

      Then the Wordstar file can be converted through a utility on the PC.
      These range from simple high-bit strippers to full converters to HTML
      and other formats. Check out wordstar.org.

      > If we are using Procom what do I type into the emulator to send the data
      > from drive D on the SDS computer to Drive G on the host emulator computer.
      > This ONE statement is 99% of the issue The file type does not matter nor the
      > file content. What matters is the file is not on a modern PC where it can be
      > operated on. WordStar is a distraction in the effort just a different file
      > that needs to be saved and cannot be a copy of what the terminal emulator
      > might display.

      If the PC running Procomm is in the host mode (use Alt-Q to put it in
      this mode), connect to it with the CP/M system. Then select UPLOAD off
      the Procomm host menu, and choose XModem transfer (retains all the
      Wordstar formatting info from the original file, unlike ASCII
      transfers.) The PC will then wait to receive the file.

      Then use your CP/M program's command to do an XModem upload. If you
      need assistance, let me know the CP/M program being used (MDM7.COM or
      whatever) and I can give specifics for it if I know them. It should
      request the filename and upload protocol. Then the CP/M system should
      contact the PC, and give messages on the transfer status until it is

      F1 does setup on Procomm, if that is required beforehand.
      > Help!??
      > Cheers, Marcel.

      Good luck!

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