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I Just got Bob's COSMAC ELF 2000!!!!

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  • saturn5tony
    Wow I just finished the Spare Time Gizmos COSMAC ELF 2000 Board. What a great design! I ve been building and designing stuff for many years now and the
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      Wow I just finished the "Spare Time Gizmos" COSMAC ELF 2000 Board.
      What a great design! I've been building and designing stuff for many
      years now and the 2000's design is wonderful. Very close parts
      placement, very nice PC Board design and as far as the hardware,
      outstanding concept design of the circuit and monitor code! Including
      the STG1861 redesign! Ive never seen one so compact. I was
      disappointed that Bob stop making the printed circuit, (I guess not a
      great demand for the ELF/VIP video processor) and its very hard
      finding a cdp1861 these days. But due to the fact Im developing a
      COSMAC VIP around the 2000, I needed to get it built, so I homebrewed
      the STG1861, and it works wonderful. Just like RCA's original. At
      Least Bob has the 1861 built into the 2000. Bob Armstrong is an
      excellent engineer!! By far!! Thanks Bob.

      Not only to mention that Bobs work is great but the built in code is
      wonderful too, by Mike Riley. The Basic and Forth code seems to
      operate very nice too. Havent played around with it yet, only testing
      it, I just finished it last weekend. But I want to order the ELFDISK
      card by Spare Time soon. It seems that Mike wrote an outstanding
      ELFOS that sets up a compact Flash for Disk access for the 1802. Does
      anyone know what the maximum size of the compact flash is?? 128
      Megabyte, 256???

      At first I bought the ELF2000 to play around with what looked like a
      nice 1802 design. Always wanted to get back into the 1802 code again,
      but It looks like Im going to buy Bobs other boards and make a full
      system out of this!! Nice work Bob and Mike!!!

      Im Impressed!! :)

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