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Re: Rolling the dice

... Ah, I have one of those types of EPROM programmers. Despite big claims, I've found very few chips that it will program. I hope you have better luck with
Lee Hart
9:36 AM

Re: Q&A (my correspondance with Lee)

Hej Magnus! i'm sure international shipping will kill this.... but i've ordered kits and supplies from Adafruit for a while, and they offer a tin like the mint
7:19 AM
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Q&A (my correspondance with Lee)

Hello, When I had ordered my Membership Card, Lee sent me an update on the Rev G, the same info he shared with the cosmacelf group. Howevere I had some
4:51 AM

Re: 1802 Instruction Set - Which Instructions could you live without

Er i'm married so.... that one doesn't work anymore anyway....
9:43 PM

Re: VCFMW 10.0

... I sure am! It was a lot of work; but I still had fun. And I greatly enjoyed meeting people that I had only known from a distance (online). Doing it once
Lee Hart
9:02 PM

Re: VCFMW 10.0

Hi Dave, I have been delaying my response to this announcement pending my visit to VCF East 10. I attended VCF East today and met Mike Lee and he's told me
8:21 PM

Re: cdp1877 Priority Interrupt Controller

No one? I hooked it in to my system and it "sort of" works. I have 2 issues: 1) Vector ALWAYS goes to *INT0 address no matter which *INTx pin 2) Reading the
Apr 17

Re: MOPAR and the 1802

... I know Herb Johnson has some information on the Chrysler Ignition system. You can probably find it if you search his web site, be warned, you may get lost
Apr 16

Re: Rolling the dice

ahhh.... yeh.... 32k is HUGE in asm.... i'm going to add an eprom.... i had to teach myself to read chinese so i could figure out how to use my eprom
Apr 16

Re: Rolling the dice [1 Attachment]

... No hurry. It may be a LONG time before you find an 1802 program big enough to need more than 32k. :-) Did you see my posts about changing R5 from 100k to
Lee Hart
Apr 16

Rolling the dice

so.... i'm waiting for some RAM to come in from Jameco so i can upgrade my membership card and i've been looking for programs to toggle in and play with in the
Apr 15
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Re: Quick Project Help for an Exhibit

Its done and its working. App written in OCTO, translated to binary Chip8 file, loaded into Emma2 and written out as ram file 000 to 0DFF, converted to wave
Apr 15

Re: VIP Users - I need SW Help?

Great fun. The COSMAC helped launch my 30+ year career as an Engineer. I got to use 1802s on two projects, but both as an undergraduate. I will see if I can
Apr 14

Re: VIP Users - I need SW Help?

Hi Josh, I remember stepping thru that 256 bytes on my first elf wondering if there was a pattern to it and how repeatable it was. Yes I agree but it really
Apr 14

Re: VIP Users - I need SW Help?

... Any particular RAM tends to power up with the same values. But the values will be different between chips. -- Any intelligent fool can make things bigger,
Lee Hart
Apr 14
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