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9943Re: [cosmacelf] Seven Segment Displays

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  • Rick Cortese
    Apr 3, 2012
      A pretty diverse group to get a consensus, but you could do just about anything which makes it even harder. For instance you could just have a tiny micro-controller like a PIC or AVR sitting on the buss and snooping values. You could just solder outputs to the keypads and have the micro-controller key the data into the calculator for display.This would deviate from the original design to the point where the 'purity' of the design may be compromised to the point that people don't like it. You could have a modified monitor in ROM that would do the same w/o a micro-controller but then it wouldn't work in single step mode.

      I have used the 2X16 character displays like

      for other projects and IIF I was to do something I would probably use them. Has a lot more to do with I still have 5 or 10 laying around from a portable MOD player I did years ago then something people would find useful or appropriate!<grin>


      From: Charles Richmond <yahoogroups@...>
      To: cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Monday, April 2, 2012 8:23 PM
      Subject: [cosmacelf] Seven Segment Displays

      I'm sure it's because *I* am a dufus... but why can't an LCD 8 digit
      calculator display be used with the Membership Card.... or a modified
      Membership Card.

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