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9942Re: [cosmacelf] Seven Segment Displays

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  • Lee Hart
    Apr 3, 2012
      On 4/2/2012 10:23 PM, Charles Richmond wrote:
      > why can't an LCD 8 digit calculator display be used with the Membership Card.... or a modified
      > Membership Card.

      LCDs are harder to drive than LEDs. You can drive an LED with anything,
      but most LCDs need special display driver chips. Multiplexed LCDs (as
      found in calculators and almost everything else) require an unusual
      multi-level AC waveform.

      The LCD displays themselves also tend to be customized. If you have the
      money to pay for custom tooling, it can display almost anything you
      want. But there aren't many generic LCDs suitable for one-off homebuilt

      When I was designing the Membership Card, I did a few "test case"
      designs using LCDs. There was very little interest in pursuing them, so
      I gave up and went with LEDs instead.

      It'd say your best bet for an LCD display is to buy a prebuilt module
      that includes the driver chip, and write software to talk to it.
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