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928Re: [cosmacelf] Re: DOTS Program

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  • Lee Hart
    May 14 1:40 PM
      druske wrote:
      > Wow, DOTS is a lovely piece of work! It makes my code look wasteful by
      > comparison. That Pittman is one sharp fellow!

      I agree! Another example is the digital clock program he wrote for the
      ELF with an 1861 in only 256 bytes (it's the example program he uses in
      "A Short Course in Programming", already posted on cosmacelf.com).

      > Just a reminder - the cosmacelf mailing list / Yahoo group is
      > currently set to strip out attachments.

      Did my text-only attachment of DOTS.ASM make it to everyone ok? Or,
      should I not do even text-mode attachments, and post the source
      somewhere else?

      I will confess I hate the Yahoo on-line groups; they are painfully slow,
      crawling with offensive ads, and it just doesn't work well with my old
      hardware and software. So, I preferred to attach the source, rather than
      fight with Yahoo to upload it as a file.
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