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927Re: [cosmacelf] Re: DOTS Program

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  • Chris Johansen
    May 14, 2003
      At 5/14/2003 Wednesday 09:58 AM druske wrote:

      >Just a reminder - the cosmacelf mailing list / Yahoo group is
      >currently set to strip out attachments.


      >I opted to do this for two reasons: to offer some protection against
      >viruses, and to prevent email subscribers using dialup services from being
      >inconvenienced with large attachments.
      >Photos may be uploaded directly to the Yahoo group at:
      >Other binaries may be uploaded to the files area of the group at:
      >As a bonus, that makes the files easier for newcomers to find as well.

      Much, much easier! Searching the archive for the message with the attached
      file that you desire can be pretty roundabout.

      Those are three good reasons to keep it as it is.

      >Please let me know if you'd prefer that I enable binary attachments
      >via email.

      No, thank you.

      >If there's enough interest in doing so, we can put it to a

      I vote NO!

      Now, would you like me to tell you how I _really_ feel? ;-)>

      Chris Johansen {johansen@...}
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