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916Re: [cosmacelf] Re: TinyELF 1.10 Release Pending

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  • Lee Hart
    May 6, 2003
      Dave Ruske wrote:
      > I'm preparing to release an updated version of TinyELF for the
      > Palm OS. I'd like to include a few more canned programs with the
      > new release.
      > In particular, I'm wondering if anyone has a build of Tiny BASIC
      > that uses the 1861 for display and a parallel keyboard.

      Tiny BASIC should be patch-able to use any input and output device.

      > Does anyone else have an 1802 program that might be worth
      > distributing with TinyELF?

      I sent you my work-in-progress on Tom Pittman's "The First Book of Tiny
      BASIC Programs", didn't I? It has quite a few good ones.
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