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913Re: TinyELF 1.10 Release Pending

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  • erd_6502
    May 5, 2003
      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, "druske" <dave@r...> wrote:
      > I'm preparing to release an updated version of TinyELF for the Palm
      > OS...

      Cool. How's it look on B&W Palms? (I have a III and a Vx)

      > I'd like to include a few more canned programs with the new release.

      Good idea.

      > In particular, I'm wondering if anyone has a build of Tiny BASIC
      > that uses the 1861 for display and a parallel keyboard...

      Can't help you with BASIC... all of my 1802 stuff is for the 256 byte
      Elf and the VIP.

      > Does anyone else have an 1802 program that might be worth
      > distributing with TinyELF?

      I have some noddy ones for the Elf (blink Q - speed determined by
      switches; count on displays, echo input switches on displays). I
      did a bunch of stuff for the VIP, but what I have of that is on
      a cassette tape (and is probably a copy of CHIP-8 and a bunch of
      progs out of the manual).

      Do you need some <32 byte toy programs that would run on an
      unexpanded Elf?

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