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912TinyELF 1.10 Release Pending

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  • druske
    May 5 3:42 PM
      I'm preparing to release an updated version of TinyELF for the Palm
      OS. I resolved keyboard/Graffiti support by adding a Graffiti
      preference that can be toggled between Hexpad and ASCII.

      In Hexpad mode, entering characters in Graffiti or a Palm keyboard
      results in hex characters being entered as though keyed into the hex
      keypad; additionally, "R", "L", and "M" flip the Run, Load, and Memory
      Protect toggles and the "Enter" key pulses the hexpad's "I" button.
      The hexpad is still wired as on the Netronics ELF II (input port 4 and
      EF4). Very slick when used with a Palm keyboard...

      In ASCII mode, keyboards varied a bit. I've opted to simulate a
      parallel keyboard in TinyELF. But what to tie it to? Port 1 is used to
      turn on the 1861, and port 4 is used by the hexpad; likewise, EF1 is
      used for 1861 status and EF4 reflects the state of the hexpad's "I"
      button. Reasoning that nobody else was going to be wiring in a
      peripheral, I'm inputting ASCII characters simultaneously on parallel
      ports 2, 3, 5, 6, and 7, and strobing on both EF2 and EF3 --- truly a
      "parallel" keyboard if there ever was one!

      Other changes range from the obscure (IDL interrupt behavior fixed,
      warning if loading a program past the end of memory) to the obvious
      (the "Classic" skin now uses 5x7 dot matrix displays instead of 7

      I'd like to include a few more canned programs with the new release.
      In particular, I'm wondering if anyone has a build of Tiny BASIC that
      uses the 1861 for display and a parallel keyboard with EF strobe for
      input. If I can recover the cassette, I have a build of figForth that
      meets these requirements.

      I've also keyed in an old kaleidoscope program written by V. G. Cayer;
      rather slow on TinyELF, but if speed were the point why would anyone
      emulate an 1802 on a Palm handheld? :)

      Does anyone else have an 1802 program that might be worth distributing
      with TinyELF?

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