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7880Re: [cosmacelf] Re: Did I miss something

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  • Dennis Boone
    Aug 2, 2011
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      > Anyway, the Jan 1979 issue of Byte Magazine had an article "IPS: An
      > Unorthodox High Level Language" by Dr. Karl Meinzer. It described a
      > version of FORTH that was used on the 1802 in the ham's OSCAR
      > satellites. I haven't found dates for all the OSCAR launches, but AMSAT
      > OSCAR-10, launched in 6/16/1983, definitely had an 1802 on board. This
      > definitely precedes Galileo's launch in 1989.

      IPS isn't a version of FORTH, though it does have key similarities. The
      point of developing IPS in the first place was that AMSAT couldn't
      afford to buy a FORTH license at the time, and in any event they wanted
      multiprocessing support that I believe they felt was missing from FORTH.
      Since the original development of the language was by a German, the
      language keywords are in German. There was an effort to "translate" the
      language for English-speaking programmers, but my understanding is that
      the translation never really caught on, and the key US contributors to
      the satellites ended up writing German IPS.

      Meinzer, btw, is an amusing fellow. AMSAT has been discussing a space
      probe that would be sent to another planet in recent years, and at one
      point someone asked Meinzer what would happen if the probe missed
      orbital insertion there. His answer was something to the effect of
      (imagine a German accent here) "then we would set a new amateur radio
      distance record every day."

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