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7686Re: Enhanced SimElf Simulator in JavaScript -- (pre-announce)

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  • whd_whd_whd
    Jun 2, 2011
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      I figured I would have to support Intel Hex. I've read about it over
      the years, but mostly ignored it. So I looked up the spec and have
      added that as a feature.

      If you check the Intel Hex Format check box, it will Dump and Load
      in Intel Hex format now. I've tested it fairly well and it seems to
      work. I implemented what I call "Partially supported Intel Hex memory
      load and dump (only Record Types 0 and 1)", which should be sufficient
      for 1802 programs. (I think the other extended record types are
      unnecessary) I used the eVile wikipedia and a PDF of the spec for references:


      Could you (and others?) test it to see if it works for what you need?

      I'm not sure what you mean about the second part cassette tape stuff.
      Do you mean the ability to load in .BIN files?

      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, "aa3nm" <steve@...> wrote:
      > Working fine as far as I can tell with IE 8.0.7601.
      > Nice job, I'm particularly a fan of the load feature.
      > For me, once I'm finished with a piece of code I end up with a HEX file usually just as a PROM image but sometimes in intel hex format. Being able to load those and check functionality before comitting to a PROM would be a nice addition to the tool box.
      > Also, just a thought - the old hardware by RCA Quest and Newtonics could load from a cassette tape. ELFTools was developed to pull these cassette formats through .wav files into .bin files and vice versa cleaning up noise along the way. The formats are fairly known. There should also be code in various formats for doing some of it depending on who raises a hand. Adding that kind of feature could also add value.
      > Again, Very nice project.
      > 73,
      > Steve
      > (AA3NM)
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