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7680Re: Enhanced SimElf Simulator in JavaScript -- (pre-announce)

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  • whd_whd_whd
    Jun 1, 2011
      Thanks for the feedback. Especially working on various browsers on
      various machines.

      It also seems to work on IE 9, but only when on the web.
      For some reason it doesn't work in local machine mode. (file://)

      So it's probably some small thing to fix. I don't care for IE, but
      I know 'some people still use it', so I'll probably try to support it
      as long as it doesn't irritate me or take too much time. (I've done
      more cross-browser coding than I ever wanted to, so it shouldn't be
      a problem, I'm just getting grumpy in my old age)

      I want this to work off of people's hard drives, though, so you don't
      have to go to a website every time you want to use it.

      I already made a few changes, like the check boxes working, so I'll
      update it now and then, and eventually "phase one" will be complete.

      Then more fun stuff like graphics and video terminal after that.

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