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7228Re: Cheap ($10) logic analyzer ready to be built

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  • Megaslug
    Dec 7, 2010
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      I have a USB PIC programmer I bought on eBay, they go for about $25 and have a ZIF socket to handle just about any PIC up to the 40 pin ones.I use it to program the PICs for the interface boards on my model railroad. I also have the PICKit 2 which came in the starter kit I bought to learn some of this programming for myself.


      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, John Porubek <jporubek@...> wrote:
      > Ted,
      > First, great to see your website back on the air! Thanks for sharing
      > all your interesting projects.
      > I'm very interested in your cheap logic analyzer (and in the 1802
      > clone). I know very little about PICs as I'm more into the MSP430
      > family. That's where my limited budget for development tools goes. So:
      > 1) Do you have any plans to make a PIC chip available preprogrammed
      > with the logic analyzer firmware? From what I understand, I could then
      > program upgrades through the serial port.
      > 2) Or, if I bought the proper chip and sent it to you, could you
      > program it with the firmware?
      > 3) Or, failing those alternatives, what is the rock-bottom cheapest
      > way to program a PIC? I'm looking for MSP430 LaunchPad cheap ($4.30)
      > or, at most, EZ430 cheap ($20). I did a quick check of PICkit 2 and
      > PICkit 3 pricing, and that's more than I can justify spending for a
      > processor family I probably won't be doing any development with.
      > Thanks,
      > --John
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