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  • ajparent1
    Sep 1 10:11 AM
      I find it interesting that PC Review would comment something so horribly out of context that had gone by before their selfsame creation. I got mine in something like late '78 roughly 4 years before the IBM PC. Those of us that had "PC"s then called any machine we owned a Personal Computer and the actual hardware could be most anything including PDP11, PDP8, EVK68, Altair, SWTP, COSMAC, KIM and on and on.

      As video games went it was not up the standard of later ones but
      still ahead of many it was current with that relied on fixed
      function game chips. The studio II was programmable and cheaper
      than many of the fancier machines. Then again the games world
      from about 73 to 1980 was moving about the speed of Moore's law and maybe pushing it some.


      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, Lee Hart <leeahart@...> wrote:
      > From: Mike Harpe <mike@...>
      > > Since I'm new I thought I would share something to introduce myself!
      > > http://www.ifixit.com/Teardown/RCA-Studio-II-Teardown/3527/1
      > Man! They certainly went out of their way to slam the poor thing, didn't they!
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