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6627Re: [cosmacelf] Re: Membership Card - Ultra Low Power Variant

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  • Lee Hart
    Mar 15 2:50 PM
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      aa3nm wrote:
      > I really like your Steam Punk idea.

      Yeah, that one is certainly the most outrageous. Probably also the least
      practical. Maybe that would make it the most fun. :-)

      > It's got me thinking about using Nixie Tubes for an Octal Display.

      That could work, though octal is awkward with the 1802 instruction set.
      Most opcodes have 1-of-16 commands followed by 1-of-16 registers to do
      it to.

      Maybe use split octal. Display a byte as two nibbles. Display each
      nibble as a pair of digits, 00 to 15. So an instruction like "F8"
      displays as "15.08".

      > I appreciate all your hard work with all the Membership card version
      > you designed and posted. I had hoped to add value to those efforts by
      > moving this one along as you and Herb are doing with the other version.

      No problem! Anything that is fun and creative is worthwhile, even if
      just for its own sake. :-)

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