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6063Re: [cosmacelf] I need Memory maps and I/O for common 1802 systems

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  • Lee Hart
    Oct 1, 2009
      ted_rossin wrote:
      > I would like to create a list of the top 5 or so systems...

      As far as the "classics", I'd say the 5 most common are:

      1. Homebuilt ELFs from the Popular Electronics articles
      2. Netronics ELF
      3. Quest ELF
      4. RCA VIP
      5. RCA Microboards (various configurations)

      No idea of the relative quantities of each of these.

      > I'm getting ready to release an update for my C compiler for the 1802...

      Neat! It's of course a popular language, that will make the 1802 more
      interesting to modern audiences.

      > I also would like to know if there is a common way that people are
      > getting software in and out of their 1802 systems.

      That could be a real hodge-podge. I suspect everyone has their own idea
      of what is "best"!

      Personally, I use switches or keypads only for very small programs. I
      have ROM sockets and an EPROM programmer on my PC, so I use that for
      larger programs. In theory, I can connect a serial link using either
      RS-232 or the cassette interface; but have rarely bothered to set it up.

      The most likely format is to have your PC send serial ASCII data in a
      format like RCA's UT4 monitor. The software and hardware needed to
      receive that format are pretty simple.

      If you're targeting a specific system (RCA VIP, Quest or Netronics ELF),
      you could generate audio data. Each of these systems has its own unique
      format, so you'd need different programs for each.

      You might also consider a minimalist bootloader program that the user
      keys into whatever interface he has. Then have your PC spit out serial
      data in a suitable format, using a couple bits of a parallel or serial port.

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