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6013Re: Super Basic

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  • Marcel van Tongeren
    Aug 13 2:26 PM
      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, rileym65 <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > The other possibility is the mc6845, When I looked at my emulator source, this is the chip that is being emulated (incomplete i might add, looks like only implemented enough of it for SB5). This chip can produce timing for larger character matrices.
      > Mike
      Yes you are probably right, that is also the one I run the emulation on now. I just find it strange the software doesn't set any of the mc6845 registers. I have a fairly complete (not 100% either....) mc6845 emulation as the COMX 80 column card uses that chip as well but the COMX software sets all the registers to set the screen size and timing. Now the only thing I can guess here is that the register setting was done via HW......

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