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6001Re: Super Basic

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  • Marcel van Tongeren
    Aug 12, 2009
      Hi Again,

      Steve, Bob and Mike thanks for your quick help/comments!
      I have tried to email Paul; hope he will get back to me.....

      > For CLOAD. The command is CLOAD,C,# # = the copy number on the cassette. Example CLOAD,C,4 would load the 4th copy on the cassette. If you leave the # out then CLOAD will load the first item it finds.
      > For CSAVE. The command is CSAVE,C
      Thanks a mill, however still no luck with this CSAVE,C it still gives the same ERR CODE 462??

      Is the above valid for both Super Basic 5 and Super Basic?
      What are the main differences between Super Basic 5 and Super Basic?

      Does anyone know if the cassette 'HW' is using the Q flag for save and EF3 for load? or another EF?

      What about the video chip supported? I have this running on an MC6845 emulation but as far as I can see it doesn't actually set any of the video registers so in a real machine this wouldn't work.... So does anyone know on which chip this is suppose to work?

      Or should it work with a vt terminal??

      Sorry loads of questions.....

      Cheers, Marcel.
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