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5958Re: [cosmacelf] Re: 2101 SRAMS

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  • Lee Hart
    Apr 17, 2009
      >> I have plenty... I've had a long-standing offer to send two for
      >> free to anyone building an Elf if they send me a stamped
      >> self-addressed envelope.

      granz_consult wrote:
      > I am working on putting together a couple of Elfs (an original and an expanded). Do you still have the 2101s available?

      Yes, I still have some. I've doubled my price, though; $0 x 2 = $0 :-)
      Postage rates have gone up, though. Be sure to include enough postage
      for a parcel, as they won't accept things thicker than 1/4" any more as

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      That's how the light gets in -- Leonard Cohen
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