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5666Re: [cosmacelf] creating a cosmacelf simulator in C

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  • William McKee
    Oct 3, 2008
      Dear Kat,

      Sierra Circuit Designs (http://www.sierracircuit.com/) has made a
      VHDL version of the 1802. You might want to contact them.


      On 3-Oct-08, at 5:28 AM, Kathy Quinlan wrote:

      akshay parelkar wrote:

      Hi Fans of Cosmac Elfs,

      I recently discovered this fancy little computer while searchig on the
      web. I dont have a Real Cosmac Elf yet(Have digital ones though).

      Lately, I have been thinking about writing up my own code (in C) to
      simulate the Cosmac elf. I dont expect this project to compete with the
      ones already available, just something with which I can undertand more
      about the 1802 itself and improve and exercise my own (rather limited)
      knowledge of C.

      Can somebody give some suggestions as to how and where I can/should

      Also, another idea rolling in my mind is, Would it be possible to build
      a replica Cosmac Elf based on a PIC or has anyone already done this?


      Long live cosmac elfs!

      I was actually thinking of making an 1802 in an FPGA for the fun of it
      (once I move a few other projects out the way and learn to use my fpga
      development system) I was not going to write the code in VHDL instead do
      a schematic entry system, this way it will be like doing it in TTL
      gates, without the pain of making PCB's or wire wrapping, if I make a
      mistake, it is very quick to change the system :)

      Is anyone else interested in such a project ? This would not be a drop
      in (with adapter) for an 1802 as I am thinking of clocking as fast as
      the Chosen FPGA can go (kinda like an 1802 on red bull with a slab of
      Jolt ;)



      - - - - - - - - - -
      William A. McKee <william@...>
      Asia Communication Quebec Inc.
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