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5587Re: [cosmacelf] Re: How can I send a 4 bit binary code to a 4 to 16 decoder?

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  • James Tadlock
    Aug 4, 2008
      Randy: Thanks for the info. I am running the lovely little ELF2K V85. I re-thought my thinking and figure by using an out 4, (some number between 0 and 15) I should be able to  pull the bits I need for input off of D0 to D4 there by having all 16 outputs of the decoder usable. Wonder if I need to isolate the decoder from the Elf?. Jim

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      Subject: [cosmacelf] Re: How can I send a 4 bit binary code to a 4 to 16 decoder?
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      Date: Sunday, August 3, 2008, 5:43 PM

      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogrou ps.com, "jamesa4404" <jamesa4404@ ...> wrote:
      > I want to send binary code from a Basic program to a 4 to 16 decoder
      > like a CD4514 or 74HC4514. I was thinking I could use some code like
      > out 1,1: out 2,1: and out 3,1: and out 5,1. If that would work how
      > (which pins) would I pull it off the Elf with? I could also use an out,
      > (0 to F depending on what code I wanted),1 or some other out, but
      > again, where would I go to read the results from the Elf. I have also
      > considered using commands like ef1=1: ef2=1 ef3=1 but then I would come
      > up 1 bit short, and again what pins would read off the Elf.

      The ef1-4 lines are input only.

      > I'm sure
      > the Elf can do something like this, but I coming up short on the how
      > to. Maybe the trick would be to take D0, D1, D2 and D4 into the
      > decoder.

      That's right. You might even be able to strobe with an unused
      n line, but I'm not sure if you would need to only strobe when
      /mwr was low, (I'd need to look at 1802 datasheet).

      > Any ideas from the group? I would also like to know for sure
      > what In(s) and Out(s) and EF's are required by the Elf OS, so I'd know
      > which ones I could play with. Jim

      You did not say which model of the elf you have. Most probably
      have used out port 4, but I really don't know about all the variations.


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