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5446Elf 2000 Parts List

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  • garydidio
    Feb 7, 2008
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      Greetings Everyone,

      I just received an Elf 2000 kit from Spare Time Gizmos (thank you,
      Bob!). This will hopefully be the realization of a project I started
      back in 1978 when I took the original Elf design and made a real
      computer out of it including a case, plug-in modules, additional
      memory, and many more lights.

      In researching my new project, I did an extensive search of various
      vendors providing parts. The result is the "Parts List" spreadsheet
      posted to the files section that shows the vendor model numbers and
      associated price for each of the parts identified in the STG kits.
      With the exception of some minor hardware components that I can obtain
      from a local vendor (their prices are way too high for the majority of
      components), I was able to find sources for everything.

      I hope this helps!