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5422Re: [Bulk] [cosmacelf] Color FORTH for the 1802

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  • Bill Rowe
    Nov 2, 2007
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      You know what, I actuallly got it to do something! when it starts you do see a table of 27 letters in the bottom right and if you press the letter e followed by the space bar you get an editor screen! I'm going to quit for the afternoon while i''m ahead!

      To quote from this: http://www.inventio.co.uk/colorForth%20and%20the%20Art%20of%20the%20Impossible.htm

      "ColorForth uses only 27 of the 102 or more keys available, and the letters are not the ones printed on the keyboard. The Enter key is not used, and the space bar is used to enter a command"


      "The bottom right hand corner of the screen displays a table of the functions of the 27 active keys on your keyboard. Press "e" and the enter key, ( or "d" and the space bar as they are more commonly known, ) to start the editor"

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      Bill Rowe wrote:
      > this is the best I've found so far including a windows executable. It runs, it's colorful, but even with it right in front of me it's totally opaque!
      > http://www.geocities.com/eleks_76/

      Exactly! Frustrating, isn't it? Uncommented code in a foreign language.
      Where do you begin? But you can still sense that amazing things are
      being done with tiny amounts of code.

      It reminds me of mathematics. You can write something like E=mc^2 that
      looks trivial, but in fact has profound things to say about the universe!

      Someone needs to write something like Leo Brodie's book "Starting Forth"
      or "The Little Lisper" by Friedman and Felleisen to properly explain
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