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5358Re: Giant Board help

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  • Al W,
    Sep 8, 2007
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      My wire-wrapped 64k Elf also uses the Netronics monitor. At the end of the write cycle it
      displays the address of the last two digits written to tape as you imply. I do have a couple
      of comments with the assumption that the Giant Board is interfaced correctly to the Elf II
      and that all other functions work correctly.

      You are asking the Elf to write only 17 bytes of data with that command and that would be
      data write time would be a wink-of-the-eye in real time. Are you sure that the data is not
      being written? The Q-line of my Elf drives the tape data and also a buffered speaker so
      that one can hear the data-stream being written. The data from the command 03 00 00 22
      00 33 is only a little "blip" at the end of the leader.

      Try a longer stream like a 4k block and see if the delay is any longer and if you can see or
      hear the data component. Watch the Q-led activity if you have an oscilloscope.

      As always one needs to make sure that the memory of both the monitor rom and the
      expanded ram areas do not conflict so that the old ram and the new ram are not both
      active at the same time. Two memory chips sharing common addressing might have driver
      conflicts and timing differences that could cause problems. The solution is to remove the
      old memory/drivers so that it does not confict with expanded overlaying memory.

      If neither of the above are your problem then the next thing would be a check of monitor
      rom content. If nothing has changed there then look at possible keyboard input problems.

      You might have to write a small driver progam to trace the data being entered and
      whether the write is actually happening or not. Software wise you might check to see if the
      stack area of the Netronics monitor is using actual ram or not. Problems like this are pesky
      but can be solved with persistence.

      Good luck with the troubleshooting Glen!

      Al Winfrey
      Greenfield, IN, USA

      --- In cosmacelf@yahoogroups.com, "glendroger" <groger@...> wrote:
      > I've mentioned this previously... sorry to be tedious.
      > The tape record function doesn't seem to work from the monitor on the
      > Giant Board. If I type in the command (03) and then a starting address
      > (eg 00 22) and an ending address (eg 00 33) the LEDs show the beginning
      > address and the Q led lights up to indicate writing the leader...
      > And that's where it ends. The LEDs show the beginning address but the
      > monitor program is in it's "home state" and it accepts other commands.
      > It is like it is ignoring the "write" command.
      > After a cassette write, should the LEDs not show the ending address?
      > Anyone have a clue as to what is going on?
      > Any ideas???
      > Thanks
      > Glen
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