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4966Re: [cosmacelf] 2101 SRAMS

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  • Doug Jackson
    Nov 30, 2006
      Hi Lee,

      I didn't realise that you had that offer - I would really love a couple
      for my new elf. How do I get you a couple of dollars for postage - I
      live in Australia, and I suspect that our stamps won't work in the USA.
      I can get some US currency, and could simply mail it and an envelope.
      Shouldn't cost more than $5USD via snail mail.


      Lee Hart wrote:
      > Steve Valin wrote:
      > > I am in need of 2 of these items. Does anyone have any to spare, or
      > > know where I can find them. I know where I can get a tube of 17 for
      > > $20 (including shipping), but I don't need that many.
      > I have plenty... I've had a long-standing offer to send two for free to
      > anyone building an Elf if they send me a stamped self-addressed envelope.

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