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4960Re: [cosmacelf] 2101 SRAMS

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  • Lee Hart
    Dec 1, 2006
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      From: Steve Valin:

      >Lee, thanks you for your kind offer. Does your offer
      >extend to replacement of original flaky parts on old
      >systems? Are these 2101 or 5101 SRAMs? While 5101
      >would be superior, the 2101's are what was used on the
      >original COSMAC Elf and Elf II. Hmmm. Originality,
      >or FREE parts?! Decisions, decisions...

      Yes; the deal is good for anyone building or repairing an 1802 computer. The parts I have are CMOS (RCA MWS5101AEL3 and NEC D5101LC-1). Every time I've used them, they are identical to the 2101, except of course much lower power.
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