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  • Allison Parent
    Sep 3, 2006
      Having gone the gamut of having my old Kontron programmer
      release it's majik smoke and a major effort to make and
      program a programmer for 27C256s, I'm stuck. The programmer
      is on my favorte bus, s100 and programed in good old Z80 asm.

      Test Eproms work as expected.
      Read the V60 Eprom into ram and program another Eprom
      with that image works. So confidence is the eprom
      programmer functional.

      Try programming V85 into one and the result is a prom that
      verifies but at powerup in a 97 post. Print a list of the
      source hexfile and eprom hexfile and they match 100%.

      Try again with V87 and still get a post of 97. Is there
      something about the hex images of V85 and V87?

      Until I have V85/7 whatever running on the EELF progress
      is halted on all efforts.

      Any ideas?

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